What is TOPSoccer?

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The Beachside TOPSoccer program is directed by local high school students and soccer players as part of a community outreach project.


TOPSoccer is a national soccer program for athletes with disabilities.  TOPSoccer stands for The Outreach Program for Soccer, aiming to reach out to athletes with special needs through the sport of soccer.


Beachside TOPSoccer activities are held at Hoover Soccer Complex, at 1400 Ramona Ave N, Indialantic, FL 32903. We will be practicing on the fields closest to the Rivera Boulevard access which has a separate parking area closer to the practice field for convenience.


Beachside TOPSoccer operates just like the Florida Youth Soccer Recreation Leagues.  The Program has two seasons, Fall and Spring. The Spring season typically starts in the beginning of March, while the Fall season typically starts at the end of August or beginning of September. Each season runs for eight weeks. Practices are held every Sunday from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.


We want to establish a program to provide soccer opportunities to athletes with special needs.  Soccer is an amazing sport that teaches invaluable life lessons such as teamwork, unity, perseverance, and confidence. We feel that everyone should have the chance to see how soccer can change their life - both on and off the field!

It's Not About The Score Board!

TOPSoccer is not focused on points or trophies, but the joy of playing the game.  The idea for Beachside TOPSoccer was started by competitive high school soccer players. Besides the goal of establishing a place for athletes with disabilities to play "the beautiful game", there was also a vision to impact other parts of the community. TOPSoccer emphasizes  that soccer isn't about the score, winners, losers, game statistics, or trophies.  Soccer is about the joy of playing.  Watching TOPSoccer athletes try their hardest on the field reminds us that we play soccer simply because we can.  TOPSoccer inspires its members by creating an environment where everyone can succeed, achieve, and reach their goals!



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