Indialantic Youth Soccer Association

Brevard's Original Beachside Soccer Club.
Building Champions since 1979

Building Champions for 39 Years

Recreational Soccer

The recreational teams at IYSA play soccer in a fun and supportive environment with both volunteer coaches and professional trainers.


Future Force

Our Future Force program is geared towards 2-4 year old kids who love to get outside and be active. It's a casual, fun environment where our youngest players can learn basic soccer skills and teamwork using fun activities.


Indialantic Youth Soccer is proud to host Beachside TOPSoccer at the Hoover Sports Complex. TOPSoccer is a free, community-based program for athletes with disabilities, organized by youth soccer volunteers enabling young athletes with disabilities to be able to experience teamwork, compassion, friendship, and acceptance.

Click below to learn more and to register as a player or a volunteer.

Competitive Soccer

IYSA's  soccer program has grown into a formidable group of players who have won more championships than any other youth soccer organization in Brevard County.

Soccer Camps

At IYSA, soccer doesn't end with the last game of the season. We offer summer and winter camps to keep your players moving and having fun in between seasons. In addition, we often have special camps hosted by professional players and trainers.

Need to Reschedule a Game?

When you are making a request to cancel or reschedule a game please give enough notice to notify our ref assignor.

To cancel a game, we need to inform the ref assignor 48 hours in advance or you are still responsible to pay the refs.

To reschedule a game, we need to inform the ref assignor 7 days in advance.

GCFL Teams:
Click here to fill out the form and make your request.
Note: GCFL restricts game schedule changes to clubs' "points of contacts persons" (POC). Coaches cannot directly contact coaches.

BYSL Teams:

  1. Contact opponent coach to request rescheduling game.
  2. Agree with opponent coach on a new date and approximate time
  3. If the game is not at Hoover, the opponent coach will have to contact his/her scheduler, no need for the IYSA scheduler to be involved.
  4. If the game is at Hoover, click here to make your request.

Top 10 Reasons to Play Soccer!

Allowing your children to participate in youth sports is a fantastic way for children to explore and develop lifelong skills. Youth sports not only play an important role in exercise, but promotes mental and psychological advances as well.

  • Physical development
  • Aids in weight control
  • Improves endurance
  • Builds character
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Strengthens perseverance
  • Develop teamwork skills 
  • Teaches discipline
  • Promotes healthy competition
  • Provides guidance 

Introducing Future Force!

We are rolling out a new program to introduce your 2-4 year old to the great sport of soccer.

Future Force is a fun way for your young player to improve motor skills and learn about teamwork, camaraderie and respect....all while having fun.

Click HERE for more information about Future Force!

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