IYSA Board of Officers & Directors:


Jason Daigler jdaigler@gmail.com
Georges B. Aboutanos gaboutanos@gmail.com
Tim Wright tjwright@cfl.rr.com
Rob Knolmayer  rjkjr@comcast.net


Director of Boys Competitive Soccer:
Tim Wright tjwright@cfl.rr.com

Director of Girls Competitive Soccer:
Sean Ryan sean.ryan8316@gmail.com

Director of Recreational Soccer:
Jason Churcher jchurcher@live.com

Don Derenthal  don.derenthal@gmail.com

Scheduler* and GCF POC:
Georges B. Aboutanos gaboutanos@gmail.com

Directors at Large:
Nick Sottile Nick@bayswater.cc
Edwin Disang edwindisang@gmail.com

*To request a schedule change, click here for more information. The person in this position is responsible for field practice, game, and scrimmage schedules. Any coach that needs to schedule a scrimmage or a jamboree or move a game from the original schedule needs to contact the field scheduler to make sure there is no field conflict, prior to contacting the head-ref Justin. The field scheduler is also responsible for keeping scoreline up to date with any game changes or cancellation.

Supporting Staff:

Future Force Coordinator:
Jason Churcher jchurcher@live.com

Field Maintenance:

*The person in this position is responsible for field line up, shed, goals, flags and any other issue related to field and equipment keeping and maintenance. Coaches need to go to the field coordinator when they have field or goal concerns or when they need a field lined up in pre-season for a scrimmage.

Referee Assignor:
Jessica Lauer refereejessica@yahoo.com

Don Derenthal  don.derenthal@gmail.com