Recreational Soccer at IYSA

IYSA Spring 2023 Recreational Schedule

Coaches' meetings @ Long Doggers: 
      BYSL coaches Friday 10 Feb. 
      U6 and U8 coaches Friday 17 Feb.

Week 0: Registration closes 20 Feb (Presidents Day). BYSL team practices start. Optional for U6 and U8 practices.
Week 1: 27 Feb (Future Force, U6 & U8 Clinics start. U8 team practices start.)
Week 2: 6 March
Spring Break: 13-19 March (No practices or games)
Week 3: 20 March
Week 4: 27 March
Easter Week: 3-9 April (No practices or games)
Week 5: 10 April
Week 6: 17 April
Week 7: 24 April
Comp Try-out Week: 1-7 May (No practices or games)
Week 8: 8 May (Final Future Force, U6 & U8 clinics)
Week 9: 15 May (Reserved for BSYL make-up matches and potential U8 and U10 Jamboree)

Our Fall Season begins in September and will run for approximately ten weeks. Our Spring Season begins in February and will run for approximately eight weeks.

Recreational teams are formed by combining two consecutive age groups together. U6 and U8 teams are coed, boys and girls play together. For U10 to U14 teams, they are both coed and all girls teams depending on our registration numbers each season. If there are not enough girls to form an all girls team for an age group boys and girls will play together on the same team. Once registration closes, teams are divided equitably by experience and player requests. The coaches will then contact you with practice schedules.
One day a week clinics will be provided for Future Force, U6, U8, and U10 players. Coaches for U8 and U10 age groups will schedule an additional practice during the week. U12-U14 players will have practices two days a week with their team's coach.
U10, U12 and U14 games are played on Saturdays and occasionally Sundays. You can find more information about U10 and up recreational game schedules at U10, U12 and U14 Teams play half of their games at home (Hoover Fields) and half of their games away. U8 teams play every game in-house at Hoover Fields on Saturday mornings. U6 teams play every game in-house at Hoover Fields on Friday afternoons.You can find more information on U6 and U8 game schedules on our club website Game schedules are usually posted to the websites a week or two before season games begin.

2022 - 23 Season Age Chart

Birth Year Age Group
2019 U4
2018 U5
2017 U6
2016 U7
2015 U8
2014 U9
2013 U10
2012 U11
Birth Year Age Group
2011 U12
2010 U13
2009 U14
2008 U15
2007 U16
2006 U17
2005 U18
2004 U19

Registration Fees:

Future Force (2-4, birth year 2018-2019) $90
U5-U6 $110
U7-U8 $115
U9-U10 $120
U11-U12 $125
U13-U14 $130


Registration fees include a practice jersey.

U6-U14: If you are new to IYSA, you will need a uniform for this season. A full kit including jersey, shorts and socks is only $25 and they can be purchased within the registration form. If you already have a uniform from last season, you're good to go!

If you have any questions, please email our Rec Director, Jason Churcher at:

If you have any difficulties registering, please contact:
IYSA Registrar: Don Derenthal,