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Coach's Corner

Need to Reschedule a Game?

When you are making a request to cancel or reschedule a game please give enough notice to notify our ref assignor.

To cancel a game, we need to inform the ref assignor 48 hours in advance or you are still responsible to pay the refs.

To reschedule a game, we need to inform the ref assignor 7 days in advance.

GCFL Teams:
Click here to fill out the form and make your request.
Note: GCFL restricts game schedule changes to clubs' "points of contacts persons" (POC). Coaches cannot directly contact coaches.

BYSL Teams:

  1. Contact opponent coach to request rescheduling game.
  2. Agree with opponent coach on a new date and approximate time
  3. If the game is not at Hoover, the opponent coach will have to contact his/her scheduler, no need for the IYSA scheduler to be involved.
  4. If the game is at Hoover, click here to make your request.

Our coaches are the cornerstone of our program.  Without them, there is no club. Thank you all for coaching at Indialantic Force Soccer.
Since 1979, Indialantic Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) has depended on volunteers like you to support our Rec program. Although several of our boys choose a different sport in the Spring, our numbers went up from 136 players in the Fall to 197 players this Spring. We thank you for giving your time to our kids.
1. Coaches Meeting:
Coaches meet with the rec coordinator prior to each season to:
-Distribute Uniforms
-Distribute Ref Money
-Provide pennies 
-Soccer balls and cones

2. Rosters:
For your game, you need a roster and a whole team picture
Many refs do not look at the team picture, but it's good to have on hand. For rec, you need player cards only if you play to a tournament.
When rosters are ready you can access them on your gotsoccer account.
After you log in go to your team account, go to  TEAM PROFILE than go
3. Paying Center ref CR & Assistant Ref AR:
You will have 4 home games at Hoover and 4 away games.
If you are the home team, you have to pay the ref. Here is the ref pay scale:
11v11 U14 GCF   $50 for CR, $25 for AR1, $25 for AR2    ($100 per game)
8v8     U12            $30 for CR, $15 for AR1  $15 for AR2   ($60 per game)
6v6     U10            $30 for CR                                             ($30 per game)
4v4     U8              $20 for CR                                             ($20 per game)
4v4     U6              No ref
IYSA does not tolerate arguments with the refs. If you need
to make a point make it once with respect even if ref is a younger person.
You can always send a report later to the ref coordinator, Justin Lauer, justifying your argument.
Justin's email:
4. Canceling or rescheduling games:
Most of our teams are in the BYSL: (Brevard Youth Soccer League)
If you are the Home team, decide with the other coach on a new date and time,
then send a message to Georges Aboutanos ( at least 10 days in advance to see what
field is open and for him to cancel refs and assign new ones. If refs are not notified, you are responsible to pay them even if game is cancelled.
If You are not the home team, the other coach is responsible to make the changes
via his or her scheduler.
For our U14 Girls team in GCFL. Rules are different there, you are not allowed to 
contact or be contacted by coaches directly. You must use our point of contact Georges Aboutanos who will change or cancel your game.
5. Practice schedule:
Please hold at least 2 hours practice a week and respect your field choice.
(U8 and U6 may hold one hour practice because of Wednesday clinic)
6. Field Locations & Maps:
7. Game schedule: (BYSL)
 For u9, u10, u11, u12, U13, U14, U15
This is an 8-game season for most, but there are a couple of divisions with low numbers that 
resulted in less number of games. 
8. Game Schedule: (GCFL)
    For U14G only
9. Important Info:
    -In Rec all players must play 50% of the time.
    -Winning games is important but not as important as winning and developing players
    -Please provide a fun positive and competitive environment especially in how you conduct 
     yourself in games and practices. Our kids are learning from you so much more than soccer.
    -No one is allowed to help you in training the players unless approved by IYSA and FYSA.
    -More on BYSL rules on
Gathered handily below are valuable links every coach can use (just below the guy with the amazing ball handling skills he learned from his IYSA coach).
soccer guy

What could possibly be more important than the laws?


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