Indialantic Youth Soccer Association

Brevard's Original Beachside Soccer Club.
Building Champions since 1979


Brendan McCarthy

Myke Iorio

Tim Wright

Maura Burgreen


Director of Competitive Soccer:
Tim Wright

Director of Recreational Soccer:
Jenny Pazderak

Director of Youth Development:
Peter Duckworth

Scheduler and GCF Contact:
Georges Aboutanos

*The person in this position is responsible for field practice, game, and scrimmage schedules. Any coach that needs to schedule a scrimmage or a jamboree or move a game from the original schedule needs to contact the field scheduler to make sure there is no field conflict, prior to contacting the head-ref Justin. The field scheduler is also responsible for keeping scoreline up to date with any game changes or cancellation.

Public Relations and Marketing Director:
Brendan McCarthy

Supporting Staff

Future Force and Rec Coordinator:
Jenny Pazderak

Uniform Coordinator:
Lindsay Toor

Don Derenthal

Field Maintenance:
Nancy George
Backup: Brendan McCarthy

*The person in this position is responsible for field line up, shed, goals, flags and any other issue related to field & equipment keeping and maintenance.   Coaches need to go to the field coordinator when they have field or goal concerns or when they need a field lined up in pre-season for a scrimmage.

Referee Assignor:
Justin Lauer

Don Derenthal /


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